ls erectile dysfunction curable?

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder which is characterized by inability to achieve or maintain erection during sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is a common issue faced by men and generally older men have more chances of getting affected by it. But is erectile dysfunction curable? The answer to this question depends on the causes of erectile dysfunction and several other reasons.

In most cases, the disorder can be completely cured if the underlying causes are treated effectively. Thanks to the advancement in technology, there are numerous drugs, medications and treatments available that can cure this sexual disorder completely and enable men to enjoy a normal and satisfied sex life.

But what causes erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction isn’t a new phenomenon. It has been affecting men since ancient times and infact it is natural for a man to have troubles in forming erection as he gets old. However, in recent times, the changing lifestyle and other issues have made erectile dysfunction a common disorder among men and there is also a steep rise in the cases of erectile dysfunction among younger men.

  • Psychological causes-

Although erectile dysfunction is a physical disorder, in some cases it is caused due to falling mental health. When a man is going through severe stress, he is unable to concentrate on sexual stimulation and this results in failure in forming and maintaining erection.

  • Diabetes and high blood pressure-

These medical conditions affect blood circulation in body. Hence, the penis doesn’t receive appropriate amount of blood and there is premature ejaculation.

  • Drinking and Smoking-

Smoking and alcohol consumption affects a man’s ability to concentrate and form an erection. Due to persistent smoking, a man is unable to form an erection for a longer period of time.

  • Injuries

Injuries to body parts that play significant role in maintaining erection result in failure to form erection in the longer run.

Which form of erectile dysfunction can be cured completely?


If lifestyle is the reason behind erectile dysfunction then it can be cured completely. All it needs is some tweaks and moderations in every day habits.

Basically, healthier people have lesser chances of countering erectile dysfunction. Hence, if a man follows a healthy lifestyle he will most probably never face issues such as premature ejaculation.

Some key changes in lifestyle include reducing or cutting off drinking and smoking and eliminating stress. The modern lifestyle expects a man to be a workaholic and hence stress is bound to come. But it can be reduced by doing medication, exercising and by taking frequent breaks and having proper sleep.

Eating healthy foods and avoiding foods that increase weight help a man in staying fit which in turn helps in curing erectile dysfunction.

Anxiety issues

A man can achieve erection only when his mind is relaxed and he is completely focused on sexual stimulation. But if a man is not in the right frame of mind or is facing anxiety issues, then he will have problems in maintaining erection.

To cure these mental issues, therapy and counselling are the ideal options. A professional counsellor helps in overcoming anxiety and enables a man to stay relaxed and happy.

Today, different types of therapies are available which deal with depression and other mental issues. After consulting with doctors, patients can choose the most appropriate therapy for their problem.

Underlying medical issues

Men suffering from medical issues such as blood pressure and diabetes can benefit by consuming erectile dysfunction drugs. These drugs inhibit enzymes that affect natural working of blood vessels and ensure that penis receives ample amount of blood.

Also managing these medical issues and keeping them under check works wonders while curing erectile dysfunction. By undergoing proper treatment and following specific procedures these medical issues can be managed effectively.

When erectile dysfunction is a side effect

Sometimes, erectile dysfunction is a result of side effects of frequent consumption of several medications such as drugs that are used to cure high blood pressure.

The best way to treat this situation is to act quickly and undergo proper treatment. If you think that the medications you are taking for curing other disorders is negatively affecting your sex life then you should immediately consult your doctor and discuss the issue.

Changing those specific medications will prove highly beneficial in the longer run and will enable you to get rid of erectile dysfunction.

So, erectile dysfunction is definitely curable and its treatment depends on the nature of the disorder. Consumption of ED drugs solves the problem most often and in some cases equipment such as penis pump is used to improve erection.

If effective treatment is taken then patients can easily bid adieu to this sexual disorder and enjoy a happy sex life

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