About us

Are you looking for a solution for premature ejaculation? Do you hate feeling awkward when people make jokes on premature ejaculation? Are tired of luck luster sexual enhancement products which promise results only to disappoint you?

We, Mr. Kamagra, found that most of our customer demographic are unable to find effective an health solutions for male and female erectile dysfunction. We were tired of cookie cutter sexual enhancement products and decided to find real products, which are clinically proven to work.

We are a relatively small e-commerce store which specializes in stocking and selling male and female sexual enhancement pills in South Africa. We believe that intimacy shouldn’t be a closed-door or hushed-tone topic and in helping people, just like yourself, in rejuvenating their intimacy.

We are a small privately-owned business, and since from the start, our core mission is to help men and women rekindle the fire in their intimacy. Our vision is to help every man and woman with erectile dysfunction to become a better partner and more confident in their sexual capabilities.

We started our company back in 2015, and since then, we’ve struggled and strived to maintain our core values, mission, and vision. So far, we’ve been able to supply and sell sexual enhancement drugs like the Kamagra line of male enhancement and sexual performance drugs.

Our founder, Mr. Kamagra, has remained at the helm of our company and has consistently and continuously strived to provide clinically proven products with minimal side effects. Our key driving force is our large customer base whom we continually work with to help provide suitable products.

Why choose us

Most e-commerce sites list their products directly from a supplier without prior knowledge of how the drug works, its side effects and how suitable it is. We strive to verify each of our products use and only list scientifically proven sexual enhancement products.

Each product in our catalog is personally hand-picked and use some of the best main active ingredients for maximum and fast results. One such ingredient is sildenafil citrate which is popular among both men and women for improving sexual performance, reducing premature ejaculation and prolonging your sexual experience.

We only choose the best products, so you’re guaranteed that the products in our catalog will work. But don’t take our word for it, just ask the hundreds of customers who have bought and used our products.