Generic Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

Over the years, there has been a steep rise in the number of men facing erectile dysfunction and today it has become one of the most common sexual disorders. Infact some studies indicate that around 40% of men above the age of 40 face this issue. But the good part is that erectile dysfunction can be cured easily with the help of erectile dysfunction drugs.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which men are unable to form or maintain erection of penis during sexual intercourse. There are numerous reasons that contribute to this disorder but the underlying fact is that erectile dysfunction occurs when the human body is unable to circulate blood effectively to all parts. Here, the blood vessels and the enzymes that control them play a major role as circulation of blood is a result of contraction and expansion of blood vessels.

Hence, erectile dysfunction drugs focus on repairing the damage done to blood vessels and help the body to have healthy blood circulation.

Can Drugs Cure Erectile Dysfunction Completely?

‘Are the drugs really effective?’ This is the first doubt patients have in their minds, when they are asked to consume drugs for curing erectile dysfunction.

The answer to this question would be a big ‘YES’ because since decades erectile dysfunction drugs have helped men across the world to get rid of this disorder and to enjoy a satisfied sexual life.

These erectile dysfunction drugs are completely safe to consume and they make a massive impact allowing men to battle erectile dysfunction.

Some popular erectile dysfunction drugs-

The Blue Pill-

The blue pill is one of the most common drugs used for curing erectile dysfunction.

This drug allows blood vessels to pump more blood to penis which results in having a better erection.

Dapotimedapoxetine Tablets-

This effective drug delivers results in 1-2 hours and has rapid onset of action. Importantly, within 24 hours of its consumption, it is eliminated from the body.

It inhibits reuptake of serotonin which prevents erection of penis. These tablets are available in Cape Town. You can purchase these tablets online and get it delivered to your doorstep.


Cialis or Tadalafil is another generic erectile dysfunction drug. It inhibits the enzyme PDE5 which blocks contracts blood vessels resulting in blocking blood supply to penis.

Cialis is also available easily in the market.


Some myths about generic erectile dysfunction drugs-

Lack of proper knowledge and awareness about erectile dysfunction drugs has resulted in creation and circulation of several myths. And thus unfortunately even today there are several men who are sceptical about these drugs.

Some common myths are discussed here.

-These drugs lead to impotency-

It is believed that consumption of erectile dysfunction drugs leads to impotency in men. However, the truth is completely opposite of this. Infact, consumption of these drugs allows men to have a better and more fruitful sex which ultimately results in increasing chances of fertility.

– These drugs increase libido –

It is to be understood that erectile dysfunction drugs only help in having a better erection. They do not work as a sexual stimulator. Hence, even after consuming the drugs, a man needs to get sexually aroused. These drugs by no means increase libido.

-Some erectile dysfunction drugs cause heart-attacks-

Erectile dysfunction drugs work on blood vessels to ensure penis receives ample amount of blood. But this phenomenon has made few people to think that these drugs affect the normal working of blood vessels and in the longer run cause heart attack.

Common side effects of generic erectile dysfunction drugs-

Like other drugs, erectile dysfunction drugs too come with some side effects which can be easily avoided if the drugs are consumed at a limited rate.

  • Most common side effects- Several men who consume erectile dysfunction drugs face headache and dizziness. However, it is to be noted that these side effects are seen only when the drugs are consumed for a prolonged period.
  • Rarely seen side effects- Few numbers of patients have complained about issues such as abdominal pain, dry mouth and vomiting. These side effects are rare and are caused due to several reasons.

Side effects such as reduced sensation to stimulation like pain and touch are also not very common.

  • Extreme rare side effects- It is reported that consumption of erectile dysfunction drugs has resulted in sudden loss of hearing and having an erection for a prolonged period. However, such cases have been extremely rare.

But so far it hasn’t been proved that erectile dysfunction drugs can cause damage the heart. Infact some of these generic erectile dysfunction drugs were first developed to cure cardiovascular diseases.

As said earlier, the side effects of these drugs can be avoided easily and these drugs are completely safe to consume

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